Reading While Traveling

When compared to other units of measure, a week doesn't seem very big—except when most of it has been devoted to a single pursuit. I recently agreed to help a friend polish a manuscript that he intends to shop around to agents this summer, so in my case, the past week involved lots of editing. The title of this yet-to-be-published novel refers to a place in Australia, but many of the events in the opening chapters actually occur in a Norwegian city I've grown quite fond of.

On my last visit to Oslo, I paid a visit to Norway's largest bookstore dedicated to maps and travel. Located behind the Royal Palace on Uranienborgveien, Nomaden is a ideal shop to peruse if you happen to find yourself in Oslo and can't decide where to go next. Its shelves and staff do not lack for sources of inspiration. You might also consider stopping by if you've chosen to walk from one of the attractions downtown to Frogner Park in the west; Nomaden is on the way.

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