All Geared Up

Well, the rain appears to have relented here in New York City—at least temporarily—the weekend forecast calls for more showers. But I'll take the reprieve, however brief. After four straight days of gray skies and wet streets, even a few hours of morning sun is enough lift your spirits and get you out of the house. Especially during National Bike Month.

I haven't taken my 12-speed out for a spin around the neighborhood yet this spring, but I'm a firm believer in a bicycle friendly America, and often pedal to points of interest in Europe. It's a fun, easy way to practice sustainable tourism, and one more thing you can do to make sure part of your travel budget is going back to the local community.

During a recent visit to Cornwall for instance, I rented a Trek for £10 at The Cycle Centre and took it from Penzance to Land's End and back. I thoroughly enjoyed the ride itself, and didn't feel the least bit guilty about ordering extra bacon with my English breakfast the next day.

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