Juniper in June

Eventually I'll make it to Finland, a place that's intrigued me since Conan O'Brien televised his short visit to the country back in February 2006. Since then I've developed a fearful respect for their music, an intense appreciation of their endurance, and most recently, a fondness for their unique style of beer. Until I get around to booking a flight to Helsinki however, I'll have to find ways to get my Finnish fix stateside.

Fortunately, Bierkraft in Brooklyn has begun to carry (at least for the time being) a tasty Swedish/Norwegian sahti brewed and bottled at Nøgne Ø in Grimstad. I tried a bottle of it after dinner last night and thoroughly enjoyed its sweet, herbal character. Eleven percent alcohol by volume and made with rye, wheat, juniper twigs, sea wormwood, plus a generous dose of honey, it's not for everyone, yet if you have an adventurous palate, sahti is well worth trying.

Similar in some ways to Rogue's flavorful Juniper Pale Ale, this cloudy, somewhat tart drink produces an ample head of beige foam and pours a burnt orange or medium amber color. I'm not sure if this type of beer tastes best after a marathon sauna session or a Lordi concert, but I do hope it helps me crank out a review of Hanne Hukkleberg's new album Blood From A Stone later this week.

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