Remaining Focused

It's Christmas Eve and evidence of "The Blizzard of '09" still blankets suburban Maryland as I post some disappointing news. Back in September, I applied for a comic book self-publishing grant in the hopes of offsetting some of the expense of producing and distributing Captain Cartography. Unfortunately, I learned late last week that my proposal was not selected by the review committee and I won't be receiving any financial support from the Xeric Foundation.

While this is a setback, it doesn't spell the end for our spatially-gifted hero. In the time that has elapsed since I submitted my proposal, I've given more thought to the idea and continue to seek out and read comics that inspire me to keep writing. Plus, the advice and encouragement I've begun to receive from educators will help me relate my storyline to teaching standards as I move forward with the project in 2010. It may take me longer to develop than it would have with some funding, but I'm not giving up. Not yet. After all, I'm in this for the maps, not the money.

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