Lunching on Lundi

According to Andrew Zimmern, co-creator and host of the Travel Channel's Bizarre Foods, the taste of lundi most resembles a "delicately mild, finely grained piece of elk (or ostrich even) that had been waved over a pot of clam juice." Sound appetizing? Well, I suppose that all depends on your willingness to eat lundi, or puffin, as well as your opinion of clam juice.

I'll have the chance to come to my own conclusions about puffin meat—along with quite a few other smoked, salted, and pickled "delicacies"—when I make my first trip to Iceland in February. The main purpose of this short visit is to collect some firsthand information on traditional Icelandic foods and to interview a few people about Viking customs, but I also hope to see some of the country's famously alien landscapes while I'm there. Of course, I wouldn't mind learning more about the music from the moon either.
Photo by the Icelandic Tourist Board

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