Beer My Valentine

Nobody's ever given me flowers. Ditto fancy European chocolates. Heart-shaped jewelry isn't really my thing, but then they say it's the thought that counts, right? Well, with the most romantic day of the year nearly here again, I thought I'd offer a bit of sensible, wallet-friendly shopping advice for anyone who wants to sweep a guy off his feet this weekend.

Buy him a beer. He might not be the picky type, but don't just grab any bottle, go with something special. In other words, spring for a chocolate stout. Not every example of this style is made with real chocolate (relying instead on dark malts to produce a similar flavor), so read the label closely before snatching up your perfect Valentine's Day gift.

Ommegang brews a rich, intensely dark Belgian style chocolate stout that pours like velvet and leaves a wake of bitter cocoa behind. To call it indulgent is not an exaggeration. For my money however, Rogue's award-winning chocolate stout—silky, sweet, and full-bodied—has a slight edge. Like your favorite candy bar, it's irresistible. A couple of glasses of this kind of liquid happiness and neither you nor your sweetheart will care how many blizzards hit the East Coast this winter.

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  1. thanks for the shout out... check out my blog,

    and my Valentine's Day Beer Cocktail, The Rogue Diplomat Gone Nuts... a blend of Rogue Spirits Hazelnut Rum, Rogue Chocolate Stout and Pedro Ximenez Sherry...for that special Rogue in your life.