My Voyage to Smoky Bay

I'm no Punxsutawney Phil, but it sure felt like winter when I arrived in Iceland on Groundhog Day this year. No snow on the ground, but plenty of frozen surfaces.

Lured to the city of Reykjavík by a smörgåsbord of smoked, pickled, and fermented foods to try, I nonetheless ventured into the cold to document my visit. The lack of daylight made shooting outdoors more challenging, but at least the weather decided to cooperate. Travel with me in this set of photographs.

To come: my thoughts on putrefied shark.


  1. Great food photos. Looks like you were very adventurous in that department!

  2. I had to check the online OED to make sure putrefied meant what I thought it did. Yep, sounds crazy but I'd love to try some.

  3. Glad I didn't scare too many people off with my extreme close-ups...