Poutine Was Only The Beginning

In my humble opinion, travel should be about educating your palate as well as your mind. Granted, my commitment to this philosophy has occasionally led me to eat things that many would consider entirely unappetizing. More often than not however, I seek out local dishes and the restaurants that serve them because of their excellence.

Early last year for instance, I spent several days sampling the ethnic food and Québécois cuisine in Montréal. Relying on a friend's advice as well as some of the dining suggestions offered in the extremely handy Knopf MapGuide I purchased in New York, I happily ate my way across the city. The dueling constraints of time and money prevented me from trying everything on my list, but I did my best.

Selectivity isn't easy when you're dealing with one of the gastronomic capitals of North America, but Transitions Abroad has my succinct recommendations on Eating Well in Montreal. Read it and eat.

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