Village Voice Winter Guide

While ice carving isn't exactly something I expect to think about (or frankly, see) in the next few months, I do know of a place where curious New Yorkers can go to watch sculptors at work: Walton Fairgrounds in the Catskills. And that's not all. If you happen to be in the mood for a winter seal walk, a dram of locally-distilled whiskey, or even a few hours of curling, I've got suggestions.

This is because I recently complied a travel guide to area winter getaways for the Village Voice. Of course, the cold, bleak days and weeks that fall between Thanksgiving and St. Patrick's Day are also a great time to catch up on your Netflix queue, or you could always stay warm by perfecting your Chocolate Smoked Porter Cake recipe. But if a little adventure starts to sound good after being cooped up indoors with your sunlight-deprived roommates, check out my weekend trip ideas, hop in a car, and head upstate. Oh, and unless you want Mom to worry, don't forget to wear a hat.

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