Beer Styles of the Rich and Famous

Robin Leach is certainly entitled to champagne wishes if he still wants them, but if you ask me, his tastes seem kind of outdated for 2012. Why, you ask? Well, just take a look at Peconic Beverage in the Hamptons, where it's all about the beer. They've got six crafts on tap seven days a week, a substantial beer cave with everything from Affligem to Wolavers, and if you're extra nice (and promise to buy at least 10 cases), they'll even deliver to your summer home.

I mention this because I wrote about Terence McCulley and his business in the spring issue of Edible East End (which, as it turns out, is actually the Wine issue). If you were at Effin Gruven last week to try Gold Standard, Brooklyn's new Brewmaster's Reserve, you could have grabbed a copy then, otherwise you'll want to track one down at a farmstand, winery, or restaurant on Long Island. When you do, I suggest reading it with a bottle of bubbly nearby—preferably something like Southampton's Double White or White's Beach Wit from Port Jeff Brewing.

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