Holidays for Beer Lovers

Happy American Craft Beer Week—that special, seven-day stretch just before summer when brewers, drinkers, and retailers get together to, in the words of the Brewers Association, "celebrate the ever advancing beer culture here in the U.S." If you haven't done any of the following before, the next few days are filled with opportunities to tour local breweries, attend tastings or beer dinners, or order a pint of craft beer instead of your usual macrobrew. If you're in the Midwest, you could even spend an afternoon at Potosi, Wisconsin's National Brewery Museum. The important (and simple) thing to remember is to broaden your beverage horizons. And so, in that convivial spirit, here's to finding that foxy red, smoky brunette, or Hot Blonde that you didn't realize you'd been searching for all these years.

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