A Honey Beer Hunt for Edible Boston

Made by bees and prized by bears, honey is a delicious natural sweetener that humans have collected and consumed for thousands of years. Mead, an alcoholic beverage produced when yeast ferments a mixture of honey and water, shares a similarly distinguished history. It's also experienced a bump in popularity in recent years. Honey turns up in other drinks though, namely brandy and braggot, a not-so-distant relative of beer. In the current issue of Edible Boston, I wrote about a handful of brewers who (in all but one case), use native honey to create distinctive ales and lagers that in some small way acknowledge their place of origin. Track down a physical copy of the magazine in eastern Massachusetts or read it here online, ideally while savoring a pint of Slumbrew Happy Sol, Rapscallion Honey, Bee Tea from Night Shift, or Fisherman's Honey Pilsner.

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