Introducing Captain Cartography

There was a time when I made my fondness for geography known on a regular basis. And although I don't deal with atlases every day anymore, I still have a soft spot for maps and cartography. So much so, I realized recently, that I needed to channel this interest into a summer project. Naturally, I decided to try writing a comic book.

Being a novice, I started off by reading lots and lots of comics. Of the books I discovered, Action Philosophers, a mini-series by Fred Van Lente and Ryan Dunlavey "that proves that philosophy is not just the province of boring tweed-enveloped college professors," just may be the best. My hope is to do something similar with geography.

So, with a tall stack of borrowed graphic novels, a copy of The DC Comics Guide to Writing Comics, a very rough plot outline, and a concept for a character with uncanny map-reading skills, I set out to write an adventure story that would both entertain and educate. Freelancing gigs, softball games, and a plethora of August birthdays slowed me down somewhat, but there's been some progress, and I plan to flesh out a script once I get thumbnail sketches from the artist who's been working with me. With luck I'll have more news on this front before Labor Day.
Illustration of Captain Cartography © Steve Wands 2007

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