Shine On

I knew I wouldn't want for good food on my first trip to the Lone Star State. For starters, it simply isn't the kind of place that does small helpings of anything. I was not, however, expecting to find so many suitable beers to wash down my meals with. Dozens is a low estimate.

Of the numerous local styles to choose from, I soon learned that the one oat soda you simply can't miss is Shiner Bock, brewed and bottled in the "Cleanest Little City in Texas." It was for sale nearly everywhere, and somehow, complemented most of what I ate during my brief visit. Especially the barbecue. In fact, my advice for anyone within a tank of gas from Hill Country is to head immediately to Lockhart, order some brisket at either Smitty's or Kreuz Market, and reach for the ram.

Now that I'm back at my editing desk in Brooklyn, I could really use a smooth, medium-bodied, ice-cold Shiner. It would certainly make this eighteenth-century philosophy go down easier. Unfortunately, Spoetzl doesn't currently distribute their dark lager to thirsty Northeasterners.

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