Country Roads: Almost Heaven, Not Virginia

Arkansas is a mystery to me. I can count the number of days I've spent in Tennessee on one hand. And I've never been to the Carter Family Fold. But I do know a little bit about Denmark, a country the Man in Black visited in 1971. My fondness for Johnny Cash and his music wasn't what let me to Scandinavia however, and that's why the concert I stumbled upon there was such a surprise. Earlier today, BootsnAll published my story about this experience online. Here's a brief excerpt:

"Glancing above me, I didn’t see Dannebrog, the flag of Denmark, but rather semi-circular stars and stripes banners hanging from the ceiling at regular intervals. The beer on tap was Royal Classic, not Coors Lite. And yet the most disorienting thing was the lack of English I heard spoken around me. Then again, this was the Jutland Peninsula, not the Cumberland Plateau.

I had traveled to Aarhus with few expectations beyond enjoying a citywide party. Nevertheless, the musical dose of Americana was a complete surprise. It was as if somehow, here in northern Europe, I’d stumbled through a jackrabbit hole to the Grand Ole Opry."

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