12 Songs to Inspire Summer Travel

As the weather in Brooklyn steadily improved this week, I began to notice a corresponding increase in my own eagerness to travel. Sunny skies and wanderlust just seem to go hand in hand. That and it's been months since I last left the Eastern Seaboard. So, without a trip to look forward to in the immediate future, I decided to troll through iTunes for songs to inspire a journey instead. Herewith, in no particular order, are my selections:
  • The Drums—Let's Go Surfing (Summertime!)
  • White Rabbits—Tourist Trap (Fort Nightly)
  • The New Pornographers—Go Places (Challengers)
  • Bishop Allen—The Chinatown Bus (The Broken String)
  • The Lucksmiths—The Year of Driving Languorously (Why That Doesn't Surprise Me)
  • Fountains of Wayne—New Routine (Traffic and Weather)
  • Camera ObscuraHoney in the Sun (My Maudlin Career)
  • The Walkmen—Louisiana (A Hundred Miles Off)
  • Ted Leo—La Costa Brava (Living with the Living)
  • The Shins—Australia (Wincing the Night Away)
  • Beirut—Nantes (The Flying Club Cup)
  • David Mead—New Mexico (Indiana)
Which songs or albums make you want to pack your bags and head out for points unknown?


  1. Caribbean Queen, Billy Ocean.

  2. Nice call, Jared. I'm fond of their cover of Little Honda.

  3. This Time Tomorrow - Kinks.