Interviews With Touring Musicians

In the three years since I started this blog, I've interviewed six musicians about the influence that travel has had on their lives and their songwriting. Here they are again, sharing stories, recalling strange or humorous moments on the road, and revealing the cities and countries they still hope to visit:

The saxophonist for Los Fabulosos Cadillacs reminisces about touring.

Dutch singer-songwriter discusses her journeys as a performing artist.

Two Minute Interview: Marcellus Hall
Seven questions with the former frontman of Railroad Jerk and White Hassle.

Two Minute Interview: Bob Nanna
The guitarist and vocalist reveals where he'd like to go next with Braid.

Two Minute Interview: Andy Chase
The producer, mixer, and member of the band Ivy explains while he prefers buses to RVs.

Two Minute Interview: Ethan Holtzman
Dengue Fever co-founder and keyboardist talks about serving as a cultural ambassador.

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